Provide a Safe and Secure Environment for Visitors to Milwaukee

The Gateway to Milwaukee has worked for years to make the airport area the safest part of the City of Milwaukee. To enhance the perception of safety and security for visitors staying in the area, The Gateway launched a security patrol initiative in 2007. Currently, Security Personnel Inc. provides patrol service near hotels, restaurants, and retail businesses. After learning about our security patrol, the Milwaukee Police Department established the “District 6 Hotel Squad,” a unit dedicated to responding to issues at airport hotels.

Security System Grant Program

To complement the safety efforts of our organization, The Gateway to Milwaukee started a Security System Grant Program. This grant offers 50% of the cost of a security system, up to $1,000, for business and property owners within The Gateway Business Improvement District.  If you are interested in receiving a Security System Grant, please see the application linked below.

Security System Grant Application

Crime Analysis Report
The Gateway to Milwaukee partnered with local firm, Big Lake Data LLC, to conduct a crime data analysis on crime statistics in the Gateway area. The analysis looked at available Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) crime data from throughout the Airport Gateway Business Improvement District (AGBID), between 2005 and 2014.

Since 2008, there has been a 40% decline in overall crime in the AGBID. This decline in crime, coincides with the Gateway to Milwaukee’s formation of a mobile security patrol in 2008.