Connecting The Gateway to Businesses and Consumers

The Gateway to Milwaukee creates newsletters, coordinates events, shares content on social media through Facebook, Linked-In and on our website to continually promote transportation assets, hotels, restaurants and other businesses within The Gateway district.

Consumer-Targeted Marketing

The Gateway to Milwaukee sponsors the installation of the familiar bright street pole banners along main thoroughfares in The Gateway district to raise awareness of The Gateway to Milwaukee brand.  The Gateway to Milwaukee also sponsors various projects throughout the year.

Important News Updates

The Gateway to Milwaukee offers e-newsletter updates on a regular basis, which is sent out to area businesses, along with a print newsletter a few times a year. To provide high-level updates, we also create and share an annual report with our businesses and residents.


We offer various events throughout the year that feature guest speakers on specific topics of interest to businesses.  In addition, we invite all members and businesses in the area to our annual meeting to find out what has happened throughout the year in the district and share ideas for the future.  The Annual Taste of the Gateway also occurs every summer which is an event showcasing our great restaurants in the airport region and draws hundreds of business people and the community.

The Gateway to Milwaukee also promotes events of partner organizations to maximize learning and networking opportunities.