Drive Local & Regional Economic Development

Our Economic Development initiatives focus on creating a passenger hub and freight hub centered around our locational advantages. To drive this vision, The Gateway to Milwaukee has organized a number of efforts that leverage our strengths to create value for the region.

The Gateway District Hotel Cluster

The area around General Mitchell International Airport is home to more than 25 hotels and over 2,700 hotel rooms.  This cluster represents the highest density of hotels in Southeastern Wisconsin outside of Downtown Milwaukee.  With a dense cluster of hotels linked by proximity to transportation, restaurants, shopping, and supporting businesses, symbiotic relationships will develop and encourage long-term growth in The Gateway.  Hospitality is a major source of employment for the regional workforce, and it creates demand for other businesses such as retailers and restaurants.  Hotels also serve people from outside of the Milwaukee region, so the ability to improve their travel experience reflects positively on their visit to Milwaukee in total.

Aerotropolis Milwaukee

Aerotropolis Milwaukee, a vision initiated by The Gateway to Milwaukee, is focused on enhancing the transportation hub that exists in our area. With transportation assets such as the Port of Milwaukee and General Mitchell International Airport located within close proximity to one another, Milwaukee has the opportunity to be a next generation transportation hub for both passengers and freight.

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The Gateway to Milwaukee Hospitality Committee

In addition to being an independent initiative, the Hospitality Committee has goals that fall in line with our Economic Development initiatives. Learn more about how the Hospitality Committee plans to encourage visitors to spend time in Milwaukee.