Walk the Talk 2016: Exploring the Power of Change: Thursday, Oct 13

Thursday, October 13
8:00 am-5:30 pm
Multiple Venues in Near West Side Neighborhood

Exploring the world of Change.

Innovation in Milwaukee (MiKE) and Creative Alliance Milwaukee (CAM), are excited to present the second annual Walk the Talk conference, being hosted in Milwaukee’s Near West Side neighborhood. Building off the energy of last year’s dynamic experience, this year we take on the subject of Change. We’ll explore the challenges and opportunities around individual, organization and social change–from how to evaluate and recognize it, to how we can help ourselves and others prepare for and navigate it successfully in our organizations and communities.

To “walk the talk” means to do as you say, to back up what you say with action, to practice what you preach. This second annual conference is a call to all Milwaukeeans to move beyond just talking about the things we want for our community, and to put our aspirations into action.

Stay tuned for more information! The experience of Walk the Talk 2016 is under construction. More details coming soo